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    Default When V1 goes into full alert, LEO getting your speed?

    Hi, my question is about the range sensitivity of the V1, When it starts going off and gets to a full alert, does that mean ay that point that the LEO is obtaining your speed?..I want to know how that works and does it differ for the x, k, & ka bands. If you are approaching him and another car is beside you, which car is he targeting?..Is there an angle in which his unit picks up if he is coming towards you?..Any help here to explain this is appreciated.

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    the alert ramp up is just to give you an idea of about how far you are from the source, not if the LEO has gotten your speed yet. but if you are in line of site he probably has your speed if he's targeting you :wink:

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    Alert ramp up has NOTHING to do with an officer getting your speed. In the hands of a skilled operator a LEO will get your speed with hardly a peep. Good thing is most LEOs like to hold the trigger down way too long.



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