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    Default V1 mounted vertical?

    Hi everyone,

    I did a search but didn't really find what i was looking for,i know the benifets of mounting the beltronics RD's vertical for increased range against the 6f speedcameras here in australia but does it also apply to the V1?,has anybody tested it out yet? and does anybody know if the brackets are available


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    About BelRDs...I've tested my RX-65 in vertical position against Multanova6f and I had avg.2-3 second gain.
    About V1...I don't run my V1 vertical,because EURO-mode(Ka-narrow),detects 6F GREAT.
    So,vertical position will inprove Multanova detection on any RD

    BTW check youtube vids of RDs in vertical position

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    Like MetalFlame said, in Euro mode, there is more than enough warning on 6F speed cameras. The arrows would be a little harder to follow if the V1 was mounted on the side. But yes, you would get even more range.

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    i did try out the vertical mount for my v995 about one month ago but wasn't very impressed with abut a 3 second warning in total so i took it back to beltronics and they gave me a brandnew xr70 but never really tested because i already bought a V1

    i have sen the vertical mounting youtube video's which is why i bought the mount in the first place

    so does anyone know how to make a vertical mount or where to buy one?

    i know the V1 is supposed to be be fantastic against the 6f but as i drive at night when there is very little traffic around therefore the range is going to be a little shorter so any extra range would be good just to be safe



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