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    Default Valentine one with speed signs

    Whew, I've been having too much fun with the v1 and speed signs. There's 4 new ones so i've been playing around with the milage a lot. One k band sign was .7 from the front antenna but there are hills , and from the rear antenna a constant .7 and a brap at .9 so a total of .9 from the rear antenna. Another K band sign whew was a mile range with the radar on the military base with a fence/ one building/ and a hill from the rail road tracks seperating the road from the base And an interesting .5 mile with the antenna of the radar gun facing away. I probably could get longer results but there are hills and a lot of traffic in the way too.

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    I thought I was the only one who did that stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davekr
    I thought I was the only one who did that stuff.
    lol, I think we all do here on this site I need to get a camera though as there are a lot of interesting roads they place these on, The off axis detection is awesome

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    That reminds me, I did a video of that yesterday. Will post it soon!
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