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    Default Vi range Question

    Twice in one day in a construction zone there was a accident over a hill My v1 3.862 did not go off untill about 100 feet from the patroll car it was using constant on ka facing away from me once I got by the patroll car the V1 went off for about a mile showning the radar to the rear should I get better distance than that thanks for all your opinions

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    Maybe the radar was facing the front and not much to reflect off of.

    1 mile to the rear isn't half bad. :-)

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    Dont know about the V1, but my X50 usually wont track a speed sign that is facing the opp way on the highway till im almost even with it except if there are cars coming it will pick it up the radar return trip from farther away. But once i go by it it tracks from the rear for well over 1 mile.

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    KA is hard to detect and he was facing the other way so 100ft or so is normal, especially if there was no reflections of his radar off other things.

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    Thanks for the replys I like the v1 but thought maybe somthing was wrong with that short of distance

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    it's a typical forward facing situation and if the gun is pointed off to the side it's a real pain to pick up. especially if you add in a hill or curve.

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    Radar facing away isn't as easy to detect, the radar signal has to bounce back from something and reach the detector.

    Here a quick test of my V1 against 3 read-world speed signs:

    As you can see, in most cases the V1 did quite well. But whether it is sufficent or not, you decide.

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    My unit very close in revision and have experienced this with one of the three Ka band frequency radars used. But not sure which one it is.

    Yep about 100 ft on same direction radar is all I get from this type of Ka when coming up behind it. But any other band or even other Ka band unit I will get at least 1/2 mile on same direction radar hits from behind.

    Then I go by them and can pick them up for what seems forever.

    I think that there were some recent tests done or experts out here that can tell you which ka frequency and guns that us it and why it is so difficult to detect.

    BTW it's not the detector, I got a video of how much trouble the Whister has with it which is much worse than the V1.

    It might not even be the frequency as it is the antenna that the LEO is using on his gun.

    Maybe others can clarify.
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