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    Default V1 update progress

    Would anyone know the progress of V1 update from the very first V1?

    either software or hardware upgrade

    ..... would like to know the life cycle of each update before a new one comes out.

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    Well I have only really been compelled to update my V1 twice since 1997. Once I upgraded to the smaller case just because I wanted it, but it really wasn't needed... Just something I wanted. So I would say a safe assumption is about every 3 years or so you can figure on an update is a good idea. At least that has been my experience so far. I think my first update cost me something like $55 and my second one which I just did and recieved back last Friday cost $75. That is if my memory serves me correctly. The V1 has been pretty cost effective and not really that update prone until this recent flood of firmware updates. I think I will wait a good while before making another update unless the new sensitivity of the detector gets to be too much. The latest update has made the detector very sensitive and is now picking up things much sooner, and picking up new things on my drive to and from work. I will have to relearn what to expect on my routes to and from work now as the V1 is telling me a lot more, and seems like it is responding more quickly than previously. So far not really bothersome, just surprisingly different.

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