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    Default the save of the day

    just drove in Lafayette , turn right to a wide road (night). started to accelerate hard , it feels like 55-60 there but it's only 35. when i was about 30 my V1 started to scream KA with all LED's . i knew it's a cop for sure. arrows showed backwards. i looked in the mirror i saw a car far away. so i kept 30-35. KA didnt stop (it's funny even that i was under the limit it still scary )

    i got to a light , he was on the left and KA still on. i'm sure he figured i had a detector. i would get a ticket FOR SURE without a RD. feels much better now after this investment - i got my money back

    i think this should be a sticky with each one saves instead of multiple posts ...

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    I agree that save of the day is a good sticky. We can keep adding that way.

    by the way, congrats.

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    haha thanks

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    was "shot" today on the way home by LEO I/O KA. was doing 47 on 40. slowed down right away.
    i have the "on guard" Off , i wonder if i got a second more ...

    i don't get too much falses like that , just trying it on the last few days.

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    Another nice example of how arrows work and why we like them



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