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Thread: V1 Upgrade

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    Default V1 Upgrade

    Does V1 send you the same unit back with the same serial number?

    I sent a 3.824 with my cig lighter plug...

    ... does it come back in the package sent it in?

    I was wondering because i think i read that they send you more stuff back(new mounts and powercords)?

    People who upgraded fill me in

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    If you're doing an "Instant Upgrade" from a 1.7 or earlier unit, they send you a brand new unit in the box with all the accessories, just like if you bought it new. I upgraded from a 2000 vintage 1.7 V1 to my current 1.8 no-POP V1 that way, a little over a year ago.

    If you're upgrading a 1.8 unit, and in your case, it would only be a firmware update to 3.825 from 3.824, they will upgrade the unit and send it back to you. If new capabilities are added, they change the serial number to reflect this (the serial # is used to determine the capabilities of the unit, and specifies the availability and pricing of upgrades in the future). I don't know if they would change the serial # for a bug-fix-only firmware upgrade though.

    If I were to send my current V1 in for upgrade (to add POP/Euro), they would simply update the firmware and add some updated hardware to my unit and send the same unit back with a new serial #.
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    The web site instructed me not to send anything in with the unit. So I just sent the unit by itself back, and it came back in a different box, but only the unit was in the box for the firmware update. It appears to be the exact same unit, but with a new serial number.

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