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    Default is it ok to turn off x mode

    good morning guys !! i have had my v1 now for over 8 months now and just "love" it. i live in california and take many of trips to las vegas nevada and the v1 ....well i just can't live without !! i have turned off the pop mode and was wondering is it ok for me to turn off the "x" mode ?? thanks again for your help !!

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    Yes, I don't think X band is used out there.


    Arcadia - Laser
    Avenal - Ka
    Campbell - Ka, Laser
    Coalinga - Ka
    Edwards AFB - Laser
    Fresno - K, Ka, Laser
    Hayward - Laser and Stalker Radar
    Highway/CHP - Ka, Laser (LTI guns) White Z28 Camaros.
    Irvine - KA
    Lancaster (LA Sheriff) - Ka, Laser
    Livingston - K (Instant/Constant On), Ka
    Lodi - Laser (PL III)
    Lompoc - Laser (PL III)
    Merced County CHP - Ka (Instant/Constant), LTI Lidar
    Modesto - K, Ka
    Orange - K (Vindicators)
    Oxnard - Laser (PL III) - Known to use through windshield!
    Palmdale (LA Sheriff) - Ka, Laser
    Redono Beach - Laser (PL III)
    Ripon - K, Ka, Lidar
    Roseville - Laser (PL III)
    San Andreas - Laser
    San Luis Obispo - Cal Poly SLO University - Ka (Python II)
    San Pablo - Laser
    San Rafael - Laser
    Santa Ana - K (Instant-On)
    Sebastopol - Ka
    South Lake Tahoe - Laser
    Stanislaus County CHP - Ka (Instant/Constant)
    Tehachapi (Kern Sheriff) - Ka
    Temecula - Ka
    Tulare County Sheriff - K
    CA City (Kern Sheriff) - Ka

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    ok ... thanks jazzy..... i just wanted to check with you guys first !!! thanks again, and god bless !!!

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    Enjoy the best rd out there man, as far as I know they only use KA and laser.



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