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    Default V1 3.821 - Send in for tune-up + update?

    I have a Valentine One that has version 3.821. I talked with V1 earlier today (I think mike V, but I was at the bank and never asked for his name..) and asked about the whole tune-up process.

    Anyways, if I send my V1 in for a tune-up (since it's at least 2 years old according to them), is there a possibility of them upgrading it to 3.826 without me saying anything or will I have to request it?

    I've read that 3.826 is a pretty solid version.
    Or will 3.821 work just fine? I'm curious because I would like everything to be A-OK and not run into a problem that might cost me. I figured 45 dollars now will bring me confidence that my v1's performing up to snuff.


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    i havea 3.826 and never had ne probs with it...and my dad has a 3.789 that is currently upgraded to the latest which i think is a 3.863

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    I have 3.826 and from what Air told me it's the best bet at this point. I have nothing but great perfromance from it with no error codes.

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    so would it be a good possibility that v1 will update my RD if I send it in for a tune-up or will I have to request a software update?



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