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    I assume they are new suction cups. I had the same issue, but I followed the recommendation of wiping them with my thumb. This helped though wondered if I was getting a little body oil on them this way. Finally I wound up wiping them off with a wet cloth with just a little bit of soap and then with the wet cloth. I use the small ones now, and it has yet to fall.

    I wonder if the cups have some mold release residue on them.

    PS if you are a suction cup licker, I have never seen good long term results with this unless you clean them regularly.

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    Those large cups seem to stick much better.

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    You dont need to know


    All you need to do is read the manual that comes with V1 , leave it under light hot water for 1 min and its new as you just bought .....

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    Yes, heating them up makes a difference. Specially up here in the cold Midwestern winters. I bought another mount and put one in both cars. Just move the detector from car to car. Also I use some of my bottle water to lightly wet the cups before applying the mount to the window.

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    Default Re: Suction cups keep falling off from windshield

    Quote Originally Posted by steve+stang2003
    I've heard the Whistler cups are good but have never tried them.
    whistler cups are good but here in Ireland you cant really leave them on as rds are illegal and from constant pulling them off at checkpoints i had one rip at the back so i now use velcro on the dash at the highest point i can. easy to retrieve in an emergency and sits back on as soon as it touches.
    just need an air freshener with velcro also to hide the bit on the dash when its off. :idea:

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    Years back I used a small spiral-bound notebook with a pen stuck in the binding. Piece of velcro on the back, pen stuck through the wire = camouflage. Looks completely useful and who'd want a notebook sliding around the dash?

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    Default Re: Suction cups keep falling off from windshield

    Sorry to bump an old thread, but I think I've got some useful info to add to this common problem.

    I've owned two V1s over the last 10 years. I've gone though 4 sets of suction cups. I've had all of my V1s fall numerous times when I wasn't paying attention. They are more likely to damage the car dashboard then hurt themselves, and have always work fine afterwards.

    I found that reguarly cleaning the suction cups with soap and water does miracles. I do this about every two weeks, or when I notice the cups not sticking as strongly...or when the V1 puts a new dent in the dash. In fact, I just did it a few minutes ago since they were not sticking at all. Be sure to use a regular soap, not some fru-fru stuff with extra oils in there. A bar of classic Ivory does well. Shake off the extra water once you've cleaned them and wipe them with a lint free cloth and air dry. Once they are dry, with nice lint-free cloth, use the thumb method to wipe the cups once more as described in the manual. Stick it back up there and watch it not fall!

    Cleaning the windshield helps too, and I use Eagle One quick detailer to do that. I've found it's a fantastic glass cleaner. Just be sure to use a lint-free cloth to wipe.

    Dirt is the enemy of the suction cups--any suction cups, so just keep them clean.

    My brother uses the lick method. yuck! I won't touch his V1.

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    Default Re: Suction cups keep falling off from windshield

    I just pulled out my old v1 boxes and was going through my inventory of spare parts to find a bag of unopened suction cups from my original 1.7. They were yellow so I thought they probably weren't worth anything.

    But they were so sticky, I could hardly get them out of the bag! This was a strong contrast to the bag of 1.8 cups that don't stick to the bag. I immediately went to my car and changed them for the cups that came with my 1.8 and found them to stick MUCH better. It seems like these have a higher silicone content in them. Anyone know if Valentine changed cup manufacturers over the years?



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