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    Default Conceal display~~~~~~

    I got the v1 & conceal display today~ :P

    So I have a newbie question..

    when I connected the conceal display, It doesn't show any display on V1...

    If it is normal, is there any way for both of the v1 and conceal to show up?

    I really need displays on both.

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    Wouldn't u like to know


    Yes this is normal. The idea of the concealed display is to conceal the fact that you have an RD. With the normal display it can be very obvious to the rest of the world that you are running an RD.

    If you really want both to run i guess you could split the main line into two and then run one to the RD and the other to the display. I don't know if that would work but you could give it a shot.

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    Impossible. The remote display has a resistor in it to tell the v1 that it is connected and to turn off the display.

    Jim can probably tell you more, but I'm 99.99% it is impossible.

    The only thing I can think of is to put a splitter on the "accessory" side of the v1 power and put two remote displays. I'm not even sure if this will work though.



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