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    Default Beast all i gotta say.

    Well after school we have alot of idiots who decide to be hardass's and race on this two lane road right by the highschool. Me and my friends usually go fish after mondays. Well i was waiting in the parking lot facing the school with the road behind me and my k band goes off with the arrow pointing ahead facin the school so i am thinking maybe its a false. But atleast a mintue later with it raising the signal i get a cop coming from the two lane road directly behind me, that amazed me but there was still more. After we left i get out on the road and i get a small k knowing cops patrol after school in the school zone and for idiots i slow down to 5 under. After about a mile with it raising i see a cop car pulled over behind a brick wall with the back of the cop car facing the way i was going. Now the only explanation i came up withis maybe he was sitting in the back shooting the radar cause how else would the V1 pick it up if he was shooting forward especially that far away from the source. I am AMAZED at the V1 and was worth the money.

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    yea the V1 is amazing...range is unbelievable



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