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    Default amazing !

    I'm over from the UK on a month holiday touring New England, picked up the V1 in Provincetown after it was FEDex'd there.

    Not really run in to anything untill to day (at the 823.4 mile marker in the trip), going east bound on rte 44 heading for Plymouth MA got a short blast of Ka so I thought just slow down, There was about 5 or 6 cars all pacing each other, I noticed 1 of them had a rx65 but had it pointing up the windscreen at a 75 degree angel !. I slow from 80 to 65 and the Ka blips on 1 or 2 on the strenght meter and then stopps and then starts again. everybody carries on at the same speed but I stick to the posted limit 65 and then the strenght metre goes up slowly and then a 825.1 there he was sitting there in the shadows of an over pass !

    then in the distance I could see the guy with the rx65 slam the breaks on !

    man i'm loving this road trip with the V1. about 40 miles later I got a J as a cobra went past !

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    sweet...yea J alerts can get annoying so turn POP off and u will get a lot less of them



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