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    I've read the directions on the V1's site and read through a few threads here but I still can't figure out how to do it. I've had my V1 for a few months now and left it untouched to get a feel for all the functions. I have decided that its time to program how I want it. I have 3.863 and turned X-band off. I'm trying to get the K-band to mute for 20 seconds and un-mute at 4 bars. If I'm reading the chart correctly, it says b (UP) C (down) d (up). I tried this and kept it on (L), but when I hit a K-band, I could still hear it loud and clear till I manually mute it. Am I doing something wrong here? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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    You dont need to know


    dude , you need to read it again . This is not rocket science .

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    I have to enable (7) beforehand?

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    Yes, Section (7) arrow down.
    Muted lever all the way down.
    Just like X band, K band automute only works in a logic mode, preferably small logic (l) not advanced logic (L) so you can see the LED's light up on contact, and adjust your own muted K band volume.
    When using advanced logic mode (L) automute is working you just don't know it because all the LED's and both volume knobs are disabled until you break a strength or time threshold, making it unknown how long the thresholds have been in process.
    (A) mode overrides K band automute.

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    Thanks for the info.



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