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    Default Something in my car setting off LASER??

    Hi guys, my firts post but long time lurker and viewer. I finally just purchased a V1 unit and am so excited and just today finished harwiring the unit into my car.

    Now here's the issue... something in my car is setting off the Laser alert and dont know what it could be. I have an 2003 Acura TL TYPE S. How I know its in the car is because when I point the radar detector towards my radio the Laser alert goes off. I ruled that it isn't my radio as I shut if off nor my navigation as I turned that unit off too but the Laser goes off still. When I have it mounted on the windshield its' fine, but I did notice that the range on the unit isn't as great as the x50 that I had for short while.

    I have my windshield tinted with Llumar tint. Both radar detectors were compared detecting through the tint. Any ideas if my unit might be defectve?

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    V1 is an excellent unit. Is the laser going off when you set the cruise cotnrol?

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    I dont have laser guided cruise control in my vehicle. And also the alerts were going off when the car was parked.

    Someone just mentioned to me that the Laser alerts go off by LED's or even cars that have LED brake lights even?? My radio does have a small LED. You think this can be the culprit?

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    As far as LEDs go their is no way an LED could cause a LASER warning, it would have to be something that emits a signal LED's do not. But weird things cause LASER alerts on my rx65, like car horns, or my old 88 truck door opening.

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    Just last night I passed two police cruisers who had their blue & reds going (they were directing traffic). Within 50 yards my Laser warning went nuts, then stopped, then went nuts again. This happened 3X in a row. No one was in the cruisers - both cops were out in the traffic. I figured it might have had something to do with the blue and red strobes.

    Also, I read that it is neon that can set off the Laser warning, not LEDs.

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    The laser sensor responds to pulsed infrared signals. So if it falses, it's picking up pulsed infrared from something. Strobes on emergency vehicles are a common culprit. So are neon signs or neon brakelights. Some TV remotes can trigger the laser alert, if you point it at the detector. LEDs shouldn't set it off, unless they're pulsed and emitting in the infrared range.

    Does your car have any kind of onboard computer with an infrared link, say to sync to a PDA (not Bluetooth, that's RF based)? That could be it. Get or borrow a digital camera or camcorder with a Nightshot (night vision) mode and aim it at the radio and see if it picks up any IR emissions.

    Oh yeah, in BlindWildWind's case, electrical noise can sometimes trigger the laser alert as well. I don't think that's the case here though, since it only goes off if the V1 is pointed at the radio.
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    Someone posted a while back about the LCD display in his Prius setting off the V1 laser alert. I think he had to build a little shield on the V1 so that it couldn't see the monitor. I know you say you turned off the navigation, but is the display itself turned off completely? Perhaps you could cover it with a piece of carboard or a towel just for testing?

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    Just turn off laser on the V1 and get a Blinder. The Blinder doesn't false -- or dismiss laser that the blinder doens't pick up.

    The processing in the Blinder filters very well. When I see my V1 go off and the blinder doesn't, I know it's a false.

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    GMC Envoy brake lights DO set off the laser. Fact.

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    LAFENGAS is correct. Mainly the newer GM and GMC SUV's use a newer kind of brake light that when the brake pedal is depressed, your V! will scream Laser like a wild banshee.



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