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    Default Shorter cigarette lighter plug?

    Well folks, just got a new car... a manual. Problem is I have not had time to figure out a good hard-wire solution, so for now I'm using the cig-lighter. Unfortunately there are only two in the car. One under the armrest and one by the shifter. If I plug in the V1 plug near the shifter, the damned thing is so long I bump into it whenever I try to shift into 5th. Meanwhile I'm using my backup Rx65 which has a shorter plug and thus is no problem for shifting.

    Is there a shorter plug available that will work with the V1?

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    You may want to a Triple Socket Car Accessory Adapter or similar product.

    Cars only have one cigarette socket and if you have numerous gadgets that need powering or charging at the same time the car power adapter enables you to connect 3 devices at the same time. With reliable quality and construction, this product complies with CE certificate guidlines. Package also includes double sided sticky tape for attaching to the cars interior

    You can plug this into your cigarette lighter and run the adapter under your dash and attach the V1 PLug there.



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