I was driving to school today on a road that is 40MPH and two lanes in each direction. There are mostly car dealers and car repair places around. If I get an alert, it's legit.

There is a huge hill that I usually slow down when going over, since I never know what kind of range I will get if there is a visitor on the other side of the hill. As I was approaching the top, I started to get a K band alert. I crested the hill and then it started ramping up. From the initial alert before I went over the hill, I got .8 miles of range and there was a Trooper at a gas station, in a parking spot, not parallel to the road. He was perpendicular and facing the store!

I'd say that was my best situation yet... two things going against the V1 and it picked it up before I got over the hill.

Must have been an old K band gun, since I don't see Troopers using K band much anymore. The local, non-Thruway ones sometimes do, but I never see them. It's actually rare that I saw the one today, since only Sheriff's department patrols here. First time I've seen one.