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    Default So much for the arrows accuracy

    i got strong KA today , arrow showed that it's coming from the front.
    so i slowed down and kept driving. it was full strength .
    After 5 minutes like that , i thought to myself wow i'm getting here serious distance. i will post that today and let you guys know that i got few good miles on KA...

    then the arrows (after 5 min of driving) start showing side ways. so i thought to my slef maybe the LEO is driving towards me and we just about to pass each other...

    but when i stop at the light , i saw him stopping AFTER me. the LEO was behind me all that time. so he is shooting at me from behind, and i'm getting arrow for the other direction ... kinda weird i would say.... ???

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    Maybe it was reflecting off a lot of metallic items and it made the V1 think it was coming from the front.

    Also, do you have tint on your back window? If so, it could support my theory.

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    i have tint on my back window. but i did get in the past KA from rear no problems

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    happened to me once, it was under 30 days so i sent it and got a new one and never saw this again.

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    Yeah, that would be a problem.
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    I had the opposite thing happen to me. Had a cop pull out in front of me, V1 alerted Ka full strength from behind the entire time he was within sight.

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    Do you have your rd mounted with good line of sight to the rear? I know line of sight has more impact with laser, but it made it so that bouncing radar would hit the front more than the radar you receive from the rear, that'd explain it. Can't say much more about it since I don't have a v1 and don't know that much about rear detection

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    From my understanding the V1 triangulates the signals between the two antennas to find out where the signal is actually coming from.

    I can say that my unit is pretty accurate for the most part. However, usually at the end of the alert the arrows are not true because they will go all over. This is to be expected though because a car might be turning away so now the signal is lost in the front (but maybe still picked up by the rear).

    I have no complaints and love my arrows to death. I can't live without them anymore

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    yes it mounted as high as possible , totally clear view to the rear.
    i do have my GPS just to the right of it. so i'm thinking maybe it bounced from the GPS to the front antenna . but still i would think that the rear antenna should pick it up as well....(at least)

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    One weird thing I noticed. . . when driving up to a ton of speed signs and such, if I put my hand up to the detector (sides or front) the arrows start flashing from front to side to back and all over until I move my hand away.

    Perhaps it's your GPS reflecting stuff? Being that it probably has a lot more metal/current running through it than a hand would

    But that's just a theory.



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