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    Default can i just go buy a phone cord from radio shack to use?

    need a long flat cord for a stealth install do i have to use one from v1 or can i just go to radio shack and pick up a regular phone cord?


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    regular phone cord is fine. you just need to know which wire goes to what. don't reverse polarity

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    what do youmean by what wire goes to what? the phone cord can only plug in one way? or are you referring to the actually hard wire? i ordered a 3 way jack with splicing already done for the hardwire so i can plug in my mute switch and remote display.

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    Wouldn't u like to know


    yeah i don't think you can reverse the polarity. Yes it will owrk fine. Just try and get the best quality cord you can. I have heard some people experience a voltage drop in cheaper and long cords. I use this setup however and have never had a problem.

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    I bought the black radio shack brand cord and it works fine.

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    It should work as long as you get the 4C6P cord (4-conductor, 6-conductor ok too). The 2C6P (2-conductor) will power the V1 but not its accessories. If you got a 3-way from RS, be aware that they come in 2 versions: the version you probably want has all four conductors straight through. The other version that you probably DON'T want splits 4 into 2 and 2 by moving the conductor positions for 2-line phone service.



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