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    Default Where do you keep your V1?

    I just got my V1 today and am planning on hardwiring it this weekend but just to test it out I used the suction cups and cigarette lighter power adapter with the coiled cord. Anyways when I parked it for the night I took it off and stored it, yet I am just wondering what you all do at night. I personally live on campus at college so theft may be somewhat of an issue since I park outside (across the street from my dorm). When I took off the suction cups I had to wipe down the windshield to clean it because of the saliva marks from the suction cups -- Anyways long story short I'm just wondering what you all do -- do you take down your V1's and store them? Or do you just leave them be.

    2 things I'm worried about are 1) Theft and 2) Cleanliness of my windshield etc.

    Thanks in advance,

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    You can keep the suction cup part on the car and just remove the detector.. I have it hardwired and installed so that it blends in with my mirror. Having the consoled display helps out a lot since you can place it in a more hidden place. Most people dont even know I have one, even people who are riding in my car dont see it until I point it out.

    Then again I do have dark tinted windows and its hard to see in at night, I dont worry during the day since my parking garage has a lot of foot traffic and campus security that loves to give out parking tickets..

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    If I was leaving my car where you have to leave yours I'd take it out, probably would leave the cups in place.

    I tend to leave my V1 in the car, it's fine where I live, I may take it down depending on where I have to park the car when I'm out and about.




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