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    Default V1 and elevation change?

    Say you are going uphill and a LEO is waiting for you downhill somewhere. Can the V1 pick up the LEO? Thanks!

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    As long as his radar is running you should pick it up. It may not be its greatest performance, but it should give you ample reaction time.

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    They love doing this. Shooting radar upwards, it's hard for it to bounce back down since there's really only the sky.

    There was a part of my commute a few years ago on rt9e across farrell volvo in southborough, ma, where there was a road that hits right at the bottom of the hill. It's pretty much completely invisible until you're real close. And a car sitting there wouldn't be spotted at all either. I always thought it'd be perfect for leo to sit there.

    And sure enough after about half a month, one was there pretty much everytime I got off at rush hour. Usually wouldn't pick it up with my x50 unless I crested the hill.

    But at the same time, one would think that you wouldn't be mad on the gas on the uphill, so really it's just the coast down to pick up speed that'd get you in trouble.

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    When ever approaching a hill you should be cautious, be more concerned about instant on or laser, if your the only car in the road, as the saying goes, your toasted.

    Chances are you will get enough of a warning but never rely on your RD to that degree.

    When there are hills in the road, I pay CLOSE attention to the break lights of the cars traveling ahead of me, it is a normal reaction to tap the breaks if one sees a LEO. Its a dead give away. Today however, the traps are more advance where as the officer are standing out of sight and radios to LEOs far ahead to make the "kill".

    Remember, our RD's are just one of the tools used to help even the playing table.

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    I agree, if you are on the only one on the hill you are "toasted". If there are "rabbits" in front of you watch the rabbits and kick back!

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