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    Default Directional arrow test with 3 Ka band frequencies

    I've been doing some test lately with the V1 regarding accuracy of the directional arrow with the 3 main frequency Ka band radars. My initial tests concluded that the V1 does well with 33.8 and 35.5 but has problems with 34.7 as far as when the arrows indicate front and rear specially in moving mode. Encounters with 34.7 stalker dual coming from the front seems to show longer front arrows lighting up(flashing) with the rear arrow lighting up(solid) even though the source already past by me and significantly behind me.

    With 35.5 and 33.8, it showed smooth transition from front to rear or vice versa.

    With 34.7, arrow transition time is longer, shows both arrows longer and causes double bogey sometimes.

    Just wondered if you have the same experience and the test done does not affect performance in this case.

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    Yeah, Stalker always causes some problem. I've seen three bogeys with one gun. Arrows aren't totally great with it.

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    Belscorts TECH display can show multiple frequencies for a single gun as well...



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