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    Default V1 laser 1.7 save today...I think

    5:00 AM heading west on I-10 on the west side of Houston medium traffic & low light with bass boat in tow. Fishing is good & I want to get there fast. 1.7 V1 goes off on laser for one second & I am slowing fast. Blinder is silent. About 3-4 seconds both M-40 & V1 go to laser alert together instantly as I confirm I am now at 55. Switched Blinder off & drove past 2 HPD units shooting laser, one on each side of the road.

    I am sure I got scatter on the first alert as I was far back in traffic. A reading would have likely lead to a road side conference. My time under the gun came when he had a clear shot at me. I was at 55 by then. Officer never gave me or the gun a second look. Just went to the next vehicle.

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    I had a truly excellent V1 (1.8) laser alert a few weeks ago. I was on the Mass Pike (I-90) East, heading down a long steep hill, and got a 7/10 mile laser alert from a MSP trooper using a Laser Atlanta gun on the car up ahead.

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    I've just had the 1 laser alert, I got a half mile warning on a detector van though these vans aren't looking for speed. They zap your number plate and get instant feedback on whether you have road tax, MOT and insurance. Naturally I have all these things but it was nice to pick up the laser alert.



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