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    Default Will tire pressure monitors interfere?

    Will tire pressure monitors interfere with RD's ?

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    I'm unsure how they work, but unless they use the listed radar fequency bands i wouldnt think so...

    You could email vr and ask them direct.........

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    No, most run on the 433.92MHz radio signal

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    Default Re: Will tire pressure monitors interfere?

    Quote Originally Posted by banjopikker
    Will tire pressure monitors interfere with RD's ?
    Depends what type of tire pressure monitoring device is hooked up . Lately i have seen wireless sensors assess that reads the air pressure at most over 12 thousand time every day that send the signals from sensors and it wirelessly transmit the data to either on board or associated wireless device that monitors the air pressure ...

    Santa Fe , BMW's and whole bunch of other new models are also features a standard Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

    but to answer you question ... i am not sure :-) [ Investigating ]

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    I found it. The sensor measurement values are transmitted by standard radio frequencies of 434 MHz (Europe) or 315 MHz (United States) to the receiver. So I would say that they use the 315 Mhz in the us since the 434 Mhz frequency is right in the middle of the Ham radio 70 Cm band.

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    Some of the cheaper ones aren't even wireless anyways. I know on my Toyota Highlander it monitors the rpms of each axle and detects if a tire has low pressure by the different rpm. This is the cheapest solution becuase I think the government is mandating this on all new cars in the near future.



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