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    Default Mounting a V1 in 2001 BMW 740IL

    Just got my V1 after online research. But I have run into a mounting problem. The BMW 740 IL has an embedded (tinted) windshield that gave me problems with my EZ Pass until I found about the two clear areas: one square one in the middle at the dash level and the other one consisting of two small curvelinear areas to either side of the rear view mirror. The problem is that neither the suction cup (which I can't get to work very well anyway) doesn't mount it properly within the clear area which then leaves the device angling upward because the middle space behind the mirror has a hump with reading lights etc. The Visor clip doesn't point it into the space accurately and I want to have a stealth install anyway.

    I'm stuck; anyone have a good idea? :?:

    In particular has anyone sucessfully intalled a V1 in a 2001 BMW 740IL?

    Thank for the help if you can help me out!!

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    Their are various brackets around that can be bought, problem is most mount off the mirror and will therefore likely be to low for your clear areas. Do the suction cups take the V1 to low?

    Another idea might be to modify the visor mount so it slides inside the head lining, it is easy enough to reshape the visor mount to one degree or another, this might be worth a try.

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    Can you post a photo to show us?

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    Wouldn't u like to know


    This is an easy fix. EZPass started making front license plate bumper mounts EZPasses for cars sucj as yours. Just give them a call and let them know that you can't get a god singal through your windshield and would like a bumoer mounted verson. This should give plenty room for the v1.

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    oo so u have that thermal windshield the forum cuz there are a lot of other topics about it..i think a 745



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