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    Default VALENTINE V1 > ESCORT 8500 X50

    I just got my Valentine V1 today and tested it out tonight. On route 1 in North Brunswick I got a double alert. About 2 miles up the road were two cops on the side of the road. Then in Hillsborough, were I live, I was going down Amwell road which is a 45 zone doing about 60 and got a weak x band alert from behind. I slowed down and moved to the right lane. A Hillsborough cop flew up behind me pretty quickly and I got a full blast alert. That was a close one. I followed him as he I/O cars and then he got right on a mini-van and I watched as he pulled over the mini-van. I love the arrows and am glad I upgraded my x50 to the V1.

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    Now you know 8)



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