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    Default install frustration... phone cord types to use...

    I have tried to install my perfectly functioning V1 in my new 650. Used 2 different 12 foot phone cords from Staples and Office depot. Both will not work. Used the factory cord and another 5 foot cord, both of which worked fine. Need 9 feet to do the wiring for my hidden install.
    What is the specific phone cord requirement please!!!!!!
    Is it an RJ11/12/14 issue or is do I need to learn to cut some length off the long cord? I almost waisted time and money sending the unit back to V1 but it is clearly the power cord at issue. Going crazy here!!!! :roll: [/u]

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    Some cheap phone cords only have one pair of wires. The V1 needs a phone cord with two pairs of wires. Look at the RJ-11 jack. You should be able to see a total of four wires inside.

    Is your 650 a BMW? If it is, you ought to consider hardwiring it. I just wired my 540i to the Homelink wiring in the headliner. It's easy, and you only need about 8-10 inches of phone cord.

    Try this link for information: (I notice that it temporarily has a 503 webserver error. Hopefully it will be back soon).

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    when you have both connector in front of you in the same position the colorwires must be following:

    con 1 : con 2
    4 - 3 - 2 - 1 : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

    the color of the wires inside are the same and so on.
    In my car i split the wiring up to habe 2 postions to mount the V1 mainunit (high and low on the windshield) and 2 postitions to mount the consealed display.



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