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    Default Is this more myth and bluff

    Copied from an auction on a NZ site...The seller is keen to ensure people understand the inherent dangers of buying a 2nd hand model........ :wink:

    Is he at all accurate in his 'theory'?

    In his sales blurb: -

    NOTE: Any (Superheterodyne) Valentine 1 over 3 years old will be out of calibration, and may not detect all NZ radars.

    In answers to questions :-

    radar detectors are active superheterodynes operating 16.000Ghz Valentine 1 is, as these r active oscillators they drift with age, temp, bumps, No problem really, for the 1st 1-2 yrs, cause the Valentine covers wide range of freq. As the unit ages, gets abused (electrically also) will get further out of tune, usually moves 2 lower radar band. To the point where it will start to not detect radars that run at the higher part of the radar window, Is why so many BEL STI fail after 12-18 months

    Then someone challenged and he came back with this!!

    Theory, its fact. Forums? that's high tech. You have 20 more years to catch up. V do not acknowledge that they have new software each 3 months or so, either? And I am sure any manufacturer will happily tell you all about design issues? If you own and use any "high end" superhet ( V1 & STI) every day for more that 3 years, you may not have, judging from your stated BEL and Valentine experiences for 10 years, you will notice changes in false alarms and performance caused by calibration issues. END

    So...Fact, Theory or sales crap.....??

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    This is only half-true. Yes the oscillators can drift as he describes. But it doesn't always happen: some people own old v1.7 V1's that have never been "tuned up" that are still spot-on, while indeed other older V1's might fail and drift so far that the police bands are not covered fully and need a "tune up".

    This is all a moot point with newer V1's. 3.851 and later have "digital temperature compensation", they constantly monitor the LO and adjust it accordingly. If the oscillator drifts beyond what the detector can adjust electronically, it will throw an "E".

    The Belscorts are similar with their "Service Required" message, although the actual calibration works differently than the V1.


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    Default Thankyou

    Cheers for the info...Always good to know.


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    It seems that the 1.8 V1s prior to 3.851 were more prone to drifting out of tune than the 1.7 units. The 3.851 and higher updates were VR's way of addressing this by adding their version of "self-calibration".
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