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This information is posted with the permission of Valentine Research about their new software and was provided to The Veil Guy by a VR "software engineer" for our consumption:

Versions 3.821 and higher have the "Euro" mode(enabled through feature character "u" = down arrow).

The Euro mode improves Ka Photo(Multa-Nova) covers Ka and K Pop as well as Ku band(Mini-Gatso) radars.

It does quite well on the Multa-Nova frequencies and should out perform any competitor by a significant margin.

European Mode Description (Valentine One version 3.821 and higher)
Beginning with version 3.821, all Valentine One's will include the function of "European Mode".

This mode will configure the Valentine One to concentrate it's operation on the radar bands popular in most European countries. These radar bands are listed below:

Ka Photo Radar band (MULTANOVA 6F - enabled in either "U" or "u" modes)
Ku Radar band (enabled when user function "H" is enabled)
K Radar band (disabled in "u" mode)
Ka Pop band (BEE III - enabled in either "U" or "u" modes)
K Pop band (ENFORCER - disabled in "u" mode)

* The "Euro" mode can be enabled by entering User Programming and manipulating the "u" feature. The user will see "E" "u" "r" sequence on power-up when "Euro"mode is enabled.

* To enable the "K false suppression", the user must program the "7","b","C","d","E","F" and "G"features as in previous versions.

* During "Euro" mode operation, the user will see either "u" or "U" in the Bogey Counter display.

* The "U" mode will cause the Valentine One to sweep both K Radar band and Ka Photo Radar band.

* The "u" mode will cause the Valentine One to sweep the Ka Photo Radar band ONLY.

* The "H" feature will enable Ku band for either of these modes.

* The "J" feature will disable Pop detection. ("U" or "u" modes)