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    Default new V1 in euro mode

    Hello all. I live in South Africa and have recently bought a new V1. It is preprogammed in euro mode since im from europe and thought this might be handy when i go back over.

    I have been using it for a month now or so and it only seems to give k band warnings when driving past shopping malls, petrol stations, airports, etc. I dont think i have encountered any speed traps yet but have driven past a few traffic cops both moving and stationary.

    Is there any advice you guys can give me on using the V1 here? It currently displays U and i not sure if it's using its full potential.


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    Push and hold the main button untill it changes to small "u"

    With big "U" V1 detects K-band and Ka-narrowband
    Small "u" is ONLY Ka-narrowband

    What radars are used in South Africa?

    If you don't need EURO-mode,then go in programming mode and change
    all arrows pointing up.That's factory default setting.

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    Not sure what radar is used here

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    Default Bands in S. Africa

    Hello, you better hope that they don't use any radars on X band, cause in that case you're toast if they use it and if you continue to use V1 in Euro mode. In spite of my numerous requests to Valentine Research they still haven't enabled X band in Euro mode, in spite of the fact that there are at least 6 countries in Europe that still use X band radars along with Multanova, Gatso, Ramet and other K and Ka band radars. For this reason I would advise using V1 in euro mode only with great caution and only if you know what radars are used in your country or in the country you're driving through.



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