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    Default OK, did I really get lasered 5 times???

    I made 2 roundtrips on I-87 yesterday between Manhattan and Harriman, NY transporting the wife to and from the Woodbury Commons shopping outlet. I got these weird looking alerts that I just discovered were laser attacks. I've only had my Valentine 1 for 2 weeks and haven't read the entire manual yet -- bad, bad user. ops:

    Anyway, is it really possible that I get 5 in one day? Whenever I got any alerts on that road, K or Ka, I almost always found the source. I got some J alerts too. Gotta read more about those. I couldn't find a single trooper after the alerts (2 were from the rear). Luckily I wasn't doing more that 5MPH each time.

    Another weird thing, the last time it happened I basically predicted it when. I was telly my wife about the encounters (she seemed really interested -- NOT) and I said one of them occurred right around this area and 5 seconds later, I got another alert. :shock:

    Any ideas, comments would be appreciated.

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    The V1 has extremely sensitive laser circuitry -- the best in the industry -- and can react to sources of pulsing infrared light that other detectors don't care about. At close range, laptop screens and remote controls will set off laser. On the road, large neon signs, neon brakelights used on some GM upscale SUV's, laser cruise control on some luxury cars, and even very direct sunlight can all cause laser falsing.

    But don't rule out the possibility that it was an actual lasering. Often times they do it from above a bridge or other concealed locations and officers usually like to tag you at a close range so you've got like 5 seconds from the alert to passing the officer, making it difficult to spot at times.

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    laser alerts can come from other sources like some car lights, laser guided cruise control... etc, so might be some falses you encountered.

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    Thanks for the info.

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    laser guided cruise missiles



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