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    Default V1 for christmas and love it

    I love this radar locator. Had a cheapie when I was younger it was ok, this is more so.

    No laser saves yet but it picked up the 2 or 3 lasers that my Situational Awareness told were there.

    Passed a State Trooper on the other side of the freeway, he left his rear antenna on and through a berm,traffic, and an overpass and I am still getting lots of bars.

    My favorite so far was going on an onramp on I-5. I have a nice exhaust on my VW Mk V Rabbit. I see the hole I want to merge into and the PSL of 60 will do that nicely. Just on the top of the on ramp I punch it. VROOOM!!! I didnt see the cop in the onramp median but he heard me. I guess he thought I was gonna blow past 60, but I let off the gas and the needle stopped at 60. But all of a sudden Ka goes crazy from behind. He had his gun on me direct cause that think was screaming front and side arrows going wild as V1 is also picking up reflections on the cars around me. He was hoping for about 5 seconds that his readout would magically go from 60 to something else. But nothing for him.

    V1 ftw

    oh the first J you see when some kid goes by in his honda is also worth a laugh

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    Default me too!

    Got a V-1 around Xmas also.

    Have two saves thus far on I-45 leading from Dallas to Houston.

    Initially I didn't think the arrows were that big of a deal, but was I ever wrong!

    Tailing a rabbit or two sure helps too.

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    Yea I just got back from a trip from Dallas to Lubbock, then back. Normally a 6 in a half hour trip. Made it in just under It is really nice when a guy blows by you and you see a cobra on his windshield. I pretty much just trailed them for the whole trip. One of them obviously didn't get the alert I did because he got pulled cobras..

    Well I had about 10 saves. Paid itself off about 3 times over. I also got my for Christmas so this was the first time to really see it in action. Amazing. Also, being in the middle of west Texas, I was able to pick up Ka readings up to 2 miles away! Granted this was ideal conditions, but still...

    While I'm here, I want to post the one good story I had on my trip. I'll try to make it brief and to the point. I was driving throw a small town and I saw 2 state troopers filling up gas. As I drove by, one of them looked into my window and, I assume, saw my V1. I don't have it hardwired, so I had the cord hanging there. Pretty obvious if you know what you are looking for. So anyways, that cop goes the other way. I drive for about 2 minutes, and then get about a half strength of Ka. I figure the second cop was coming my way and was radaring people as he was driving. So I pulled into a rest stop because I had to go to the bathroom. I was back on the road about 10 minutes later. As I pulled out, there was another car coming on the road the same way I was pulling out. Something felt odd... I slowed down so I could wait and actually get a good look at the car. Before I could, I got a full blast of Ka. Obviously that cop I had seen at the gas station. He followed me for a good 50 miles, radaring everyone coming the opposite way. My V1 was going off like crazy, so I just turned it off until he was gone. Finally he pulled someone over and I hightailed it out of there.

    Anyways, it worked flawlessly and couldn't have asked it to do more. One of the best buys I have made!




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