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    Default 73/55 save, but I need concealed display

    I was going to bring my camera for my trip but my battery died. Would have made for a good video.

    Last night I was going to some friends' house about 20 minutes away in a known aggressive enforcement town. I was on a main road going into the town that was three lanes in each direction and 55MPH (should be 65).

    There was an onramp to my right coming up. I was doing 73 and started getting Ka to the front. One dot. I decided to bring it down to 60. It went to two or three dots and then the arrow went to the rear really quick at full strength. I figured it was a cop on the other side of the road who just passed but then I realized it wasn't, and it was a cop coming off the onramp, so I took it down to 55.

    The cop was tailgating me for 2 miles (we were in the right lane) and my V1 was lit up like a Christmas tree the whole time. Then he decided to go in the left lane and leave me alone and do 75 or whatever.

    Where I live here at college, cops have radar but have better things to do usually, so they aren't major speed trappers. I've never been tailgated or anything, but I think I should buy a concealed display so they'll never know.

    I've always had more than enough warning time, so there haven't been any situations where I almost got a ticket (and add in the fact I don't usually drive in speed trap areas anymore), but it definitely was a save last night.

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    There is a group buy going on now for a colored concealed display.

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    Group buy for enhanced color concealed display:

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    Great story comp.....

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    Good story, I had a similar save but with the remote display hidden well inside the car by the gauges, I got a few blasts waved at the stop light (got a few looks doing 2 under on an empty 3 lane 55mph section) he went blasted (I think it was K-Band was a few months back) a car that turned while we were at the light, and made the traffic stop. 8)

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    havent had one of these happen to me yet, but i feel one comming soon.

    talk to rebinc, his displays are pretty sweet



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