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    Default Right Angle Phone Jacks

    Anyone ever see any Right Angle Phone Jacks?
    Obviously I would like to use this for the V1 and get away from bending the cords - but I have not seen any.

    I wish that VR would look into getting their cables molded so that when you buy cables from them they are bent in the correct ways so that you can get the cable to be neat.

    Ok, I guess rant over.

    Flame away.

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    Call them and see what they have to say! They might make one. Sure sounds like a good idea to me.

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    Sounds like an interesting idea to me too!

    I have always thought that RDs including the V1 should have the phone jack on the LEFT side instead of the right. Most installs seem to have the unit to the right of the RVM, so the jack should be on the inside.

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    Power jacks for devices that connect to the Cigarette Lighter Socket are normally on the right or drivers right because most of the time the socket/power plug is on that side of the center console...

    I will continue to look in this - this whole bending of the cables thing is a mess.



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