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    Default Rear detection more sensitive and J out real radar

    The short of it, in my experience/opinion, its a NON issue.

    Driving north on the turnpike, I get a Ka alert ahead, DOT sitting on my right side shoulder of the road shooting radar. After I pass, my rear alert continues for a long ways, certainly double. I am driving in lots of traffic with lots of large vehicles, so the radar signal becomes weak/degraded, finnaly the short blips of weak Ka get J'd out. I chuckle to myself.

    Is this a bug, my opinion, in my experience of seeing tech mode freq hopping from a LEO radar gun, I think the V1 can also get a degraded signal or signals that change/vary (for whatever reason why the hardware is interpreting the freq), perhaps when trying to "track" the same signal going from one antenna to the other (rear) the signal/freq "drifts", so the V1 junks out the radar, ...mistakingly.

    I hypothosize that this "comparison" of signal when flipping arrows - close proximity to the LEO, the V1 recieves slightly different signals, degraded by the surrounding environment or just recieving a signal that drifts, then the J alert happens on real radar.

    As for rear sensitivity, as with sensitivity in general, there are many variables to explain sensitivity. Even if you see a radar antenna in the window does not mean that it is actively being used.Dam those DOT they have very dark tint, so I can not say exactly what the DOT was doing, I have seen them with dual, but I have seen them have single radar mounts as well. Point being, with traffic with all sorts of reflection or no reflections of radar signal, ...your milage will vary.

    I know these subjects are very sore for some people that honestly seem to have bad performance, I dont necessarily doubt them, but perhaps there was more reason to the off performance. Perhaps the magnetic field in a particular geographic area... perhaps vehicle/tint etc. I dont know. In the end it is prudent to keep these things in check, RD can fail us, we have to be on our toes. Especially with so many variables.

    Anyways that my 2 cents.

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    I agree with you. Even after a J out I still stay on my toes for a few miles. Great theory by the way.



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