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    Default Could have been worse

    I was coming home from the vet today with my two dogs in the truck behind the front seats, so I wasn't going too fast, besides I was in front of the pack with no rabbit, when I picked up some ka ahead. I let off the go pedal and shaved some speed then the pack started to overtake me. In my mind every car that passed me seemed to transform into a BIG bullseye and I expected to find the hidden CHP ahead pull them over en mass, but today he was looking for bigger fish to fry and just sat there. Most were doing 10 over the PSL, not that big of a deal. The arrow shifted behind so I looked in my rear view mirror and there he was way up the onramp shooting cars from behind. Love this thing. I got the first alert about 1/2 mile out.

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    Yeah, the chattiness will piss you off sometimes, but when you get that one incredible save you'll know you bought the right RD.



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