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    Default follow up question about bogey counter and k-band.vid inside

    So far I'm really happy with the performance of my V1. 1 possible ka save and 1 known k save so far and I just got the thing. The last time I got blasted by k band my bogey counter read 1, the signal got very strong and the counter went to 2 but I only passed one LEO. This had me thinking.

    Last week I noticed a new k band source while taking my usual back roads to work but it was down another street I don't usually go down. Today I got my video camera and looked for it. Now I've never been down this street before with my V1 so I can't comment on other k band sources. They must have recently turned it back on because it just started alerting me to it.

    Anyway, as I got closer to the source, which turns out to be a speed sign, my bogey counter changes to 2 and then to 3. I need to know if this is normal, or ghosting maybe, not normal behavior. The speed sign seems to be really strong though. Skip to the 1 min part in the video. You might want to turn your speakers down, LOL, but listen for the bogey counter.

    YouTube - Valentine1 k band

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    Its normal.. Mostly ghosting, but the speed signs tend to drift off bands, so it might of been emitting 2 different types of K with one of the leaking off bands not being as strong hence the 3 instead of 4. In my area a few of the speed signs are stronger than others and one is so strong I can pick it up for 3+ miles and as I get into the last mile it always ghosts like mad and about 1/2 mile out form the sign I have the 2 ghosting K's and sometimes it will start to alert a weak KA (since it flashes K as the stronger threat)

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    Thanks for the reply!



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