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    Default My New V1 and first K Radar alert

    So, I just got my V1 and was cutting threw a sidestreet near my house (residential area 20 mph area) and all of a sudded my detector goes off a blip, then another. So, I continued to drive towards this radar because the other day I went down this street and nothing was there. So, I continued driving, and go down a hill, I am talking an incline of about 60% that drops approx 100 feet ( we call it suicide hill it is so steep) and my V1 starts going absolutely crazy and as I come around the bend I see it, they put up one of those "your speed is" signs and it is pegging my V1. So, I had a 1/2 mile notice OVER a 100' hill drop, AMAZING! It's been there for the last 5 days now....

    I love this V1, but definitely need to turn off x band, it is getting annoying and do not think it is used around here but cannot verify for sure since I cannot find that info.

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    LOL, I just posted a video today of a speed sign my city just turned on recently.

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    If you can't find the info online, you probably should drive around for a few more months AT LEAST before turning it off. It would suck to get nailed by 15 year old equipment with the $400 king of RDs and not even know it.



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