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    Default Buying a V1 from the website vs eBay

    I've decided to purchase a Valentine V1 for my car, going to be a lot of highway driving from NJ to PA when I go off to college soon.

    I was thinking I could pull off getting a lightly used one from eBay, but I've seen a lot of V1's on eBay selling for > 399. The list price on is what's the deal? Do these eBay auctions include more things like the remote lights or what? I must be missing something here....

    thanks, -Greg

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    Alot of people throughout the world purchase through ebay because Valentine will not ship outside the United States. People are willing to pay high prices for used V1's. If your in the U.S. you have to purchase through Valentine if you want a warranty.

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    Thanks for clearing that up, just wanted to make sure there wasn't some difference I wasn't seeing there



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