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    Default V1 & Laser: 99% no détection

    Good evening,

    Mounted my V1 on the Millde or hight the windshield, I got only 1 alert since 1 year and half .......... you would say i do not drive for a such bad result ...

    I have passed over 20 laser test, fortunately I was never taked over the limit but my V1 did not detect any laser hit to my car or advenced ....

    I saw lucky guys here saying great results on V1 but here in my side I have no results

    I have an athermic windshield too wihc could explain .....

    Does someone having athermic windshield has a different experience ?

    Does laser remote detectors exist with a so "good" sensivity as the V1 accordin gthe generals test ?

    What solution can be bringed to me ? (I can not change my windshiel, neither my car LOL :wink: )

    Many thanks

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    Remote laser detectors are extremely good at alerting to laser since they are mounted in the LEO's target areas. Mine never misses. With that athermic windshield, it sounds like you need a remote detector like the SR7 or RX75, or better yet, a remote RD/laser jammer combo like the SRX or 9500ci. Having a RD that has trouble detecting radar, because of your windshield, seems pretty useless to me.

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    Get a tv remote control, the IR kind not RF, and point it at your V1. It should trigger a laser alert. I just played around with mine tonight in my house using one of my tv remotes and it sets the laser alert off just dandy. Come to think of it I'll have to check it while mounted in my truck to make sure the tint band doesn't affect it.

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    If you have an athermic windshield, it should affect a lot more that you should be concerned about than laser detection.

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    Does your windshield have a "opening" where a radar detector can be mounted? I know some of the BMWs have that feature specifically for radar detectors.

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    How do you know YOU were targeted by the laser trap? Answer you can not! Unless you stopeed and asked the officer.

    Rest assured the V1 is the best, sure there are exceptions like any other but you can not get getter laser sensitivity then the V1.

    The title of this post should have been: V1 & Laser: 99% never targeted

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    welll it is not a blame to V1 but the problem cames from athermic windshield
    On your question to know if you we targeted or not, nobody can answer but for policeman waiting on the border of the road with the laser are not counting the flowers .... expecially when they are behing the laser tool to make money as the usued to do here.

    The main problem is the athermixc windshiels. Of course if a little place where is possible to put the V whre there is no athermic poitn BUT, ususally there are no place to put it or it is too much visible.

    I know in Germany a compagny had made a remoted antenna for the V1 but it is impossible to have more infomartion about that.

    Thanks for help and yours comments


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    Quote Originally Posted by fredeurope
    I know in Germany a compagny had made a remoted antenna for the V1 but it is impossible to have more infomartion about that.

    Thanks for help and yours comments


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    Most cops wont fire the laser and check your speed unless he thinks your speeding!

    My results with the v1 is that if your a distance away from the laser and he fires theres a higher chance that the beam will also hit the front of the v1, remember the laser beam is very small and only spreads out over a distance, some laser guns are worse than others for this..

    I have had a number of laser alerts from the lti 2020 where he's targeted the car overtaking me because it was really shifting and this was at 0.3 mile from the laser, this happened on a uk duel carrageway, i've also had this happen same duel carrageway but at only 100 yards from the van.

    The v1 is extremely sensitive to laser and i have no problems with the laser it's the failing sensitivity on the v1's which bothers me.

    My v1 is still broke and i'm put off getting another one until i'm assured that it won't fail or drift out of tune or whatever is causing it to stop detecting radar properly.

    It would be nice if the v1 gave warning to this but it doesnt..

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    Default old v1

    I had an old V1 (1.7 i think) and it never detected what I think was a laser shot from a South Carolina trooper that pulled me over and gave me a ticket (it never detected anything and im pretty sure it wasn't vascar. it didn't have a field for writing a speed measurement device on the ticket).

    Hopefully my new V1 will do better. If I keep driving through VA, NC, and SC I'll prolly buy a laser jammer though.



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