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    Default Need advice for mounting

    So I've decided to go ahead and order a V1, despite my wife's moaning that "your Escort works just fine" (so do those thousand pairs of shoes you have, honey...explain again why you need a new one?). There's a catch, though.

    I've got a 2003 Toyota Corolla CE. I'd love to windshield mount the V1 above my rearview mirror, but there are lots of little plastic "dots" (easiest way to describe them) on the windshield up there. I sincerely doubt that they'd interfere with reception, but they do interfere with suction cups. I got around this with my X50 by mounting low, but I want that V1 up high where it can see for miles around.

    There is a space between the top of the RVM and the ceiling, and I'm wondering if there's any way I can use that. Instead of doing the smart thing and just taking a damn picture, I'm going to make a good ol' ASCII diagram of it because I'm too lazy to walk outside with my camera:

    --------------------------------- <--fabric ceiling
    ! ******** ! <--This is the space I'm referring to
    ! { RVM } !

    The ****** crap is the little plastic dots I mentioned, so suction cups aren't an option up there. Are there any secure velcro ceiling-mounts I could get at a Kragen or whatnot, or would I be better off asking my wife to make something up, if she's "sew"-inclined?

    If it would be really helpful, I suppose I could get dressed (hooray for days off!) and go outside to take pictures of the interior of the car. Say the word if they're necessary.

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    I have had people tell me the Escorts are good detectors but they never held a candle to my Bel. I had the Bel for many years and has saved me many times over but when it finally went out of tune I switched to the Valentine One.

    You will love it, comparing the V1 to an 8500 on X band is little difference but all other bands will blow you away.
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    Here is the Holy Grail of solutions for those pesky black bumps:

    A solution/discussion to mounting high (bubble tint strip)

    Then my revised post which better explains my post in the above thread:

    Mounting a RD above your RVM

    Now, all you will have to figure out is how to modify the bracket which comes with the V1. One idea I have is to pop rivet a thin yet 1" wide strip of aluminum across the two points on the bracket where the suction cups go. Then you will have a roughly 1" x 3" flat area where you can use the superlock stuff mentioned in my posts.

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    3M dual lock works really good too, its what they use for the I-PASS.

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    I hear good packing tape over the dots will do the trick.

    I just reverse mount the visor mount(angeled the V1 so I took it off and stretched the bracket a little until it sat level) tucked it up into the headliner after running the hardwire cord. I keep the suction cup, coiled cord and cig adapter handy for when the V1 Travels with me.(Never leave home without it)

    The lack of using suction cups (and use of the remote) basically makes the V1 invisible from the exterior.



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