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    Default Recommend a hardwire installer in the Bay Area

    Hello all.

    Newbie here with a V1 on order (scheduled to be delivered on Thursday). Can anyone recommend a great installer in the bay area that can install the hardwire kit on a 2008 BMW 335i sedan?

    I'm mechanically and electrically declined and would rather pay someone competent to install the kit.

    Thanks in advance!

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    no idea for your area, but bestbuy installed my sat radio and they did a bang up job for 40bucks, on a side note, IT'S SUPER EASY!, i just recently hardwired my 9500i, and used an item called 'add a circuit', all you need is a fuse box, and a wrench to loosen, put ground on, and then tighten, it really couldn't be easier, and i'm not all that handy, do some looking, and it's quite easy to do yourself, easier than you might think, i can answer any questions

    for my install, i put it right below my rv mirror(so i can see it well, but if your behind me you can't), i ran the wire up through my r/v mirror wires, along the top of my windshield, down the right side, then down along the passenger door after you open it(the one spot you can see the wire is from bottom right of windshield going down to the door), then below my glove box, i took off the panel of my center console(to access the fuse box), installed the add a circuit, and put the ground to the bolt, reinstalled panel, and done! , really nothing more simple, no messing with original car wiring, just need to find your fuse box!

    and other than screwing the ground into the screw, getting power was as easy as using a pliers, PLUS if you happen to mess up, you can just throw the add a circuit away, and your out 8bucks, just got to replace the original fuse

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    Drive over to TX and I'll put it in for a pizza and a 6 pack of Corona

    It's much easier than you think. Pick up an "Add a circuit" from AutoZone, and it's plug and play. There's a sticky on it here somewhere....

    *edit* Here it's not a sticky VRV1 did a good, simple write up.

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    It would be an honor if it was a sticky ops:

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    I live in Texas and had Circuit City hardwire mine above the RVM. 30 minutes and $35. I myself have no idea what im doing when it comes to electrical stuff and would rather have someone do it that knew what they were doing. They hardwired all 3 of my cars.



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