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    Default V1 range on the rear arrow

    Well had 2 FHP troopers fly up from behind me. I was doing 10 over, I got a Ka, 1 bogey to the rear, I thought that was interesting. Again only pointing to the rear, it ramped up very fast, I am talking 5-10 seconds. And it was for good reason, next thing I saw flying up my rear view was the FHP, he blew by me at least 20 over. Arrow flipped immediately to front, tracking the "bogey" that was now confirmed, but before you could finish reading this sentence, I saw another FHP fly up from behind following the first. He however had no radar antenna in his vehicle. The single bogey ahead faded away, and fast.

    I did not have much range this time, but it was nice knowing where the threat was.

    The arrows have always been a "bonus" for me, I got the V1 becuase of sensitivity and true upgrade ability (I am hoping for the radar screen display model with surface to surface missle defense, probably come out about the same time as the 9500 USB software). But the arrows sure do give you that extra info that takes the guessing game where the alert is coming from.

    Side note, again with the laser false, I wish the arrows stayed lit longer, would help ID what car, driving along and the laser alert goes off, your not going to stop and look at the arrows, it say laser, you immediately react check traffic for saftey, but after the fact the arrows go away, cant tell if it was front or back. Price you pay for having the ability for real incounters. Still wish it alerted longer. That has to be my only wish list for the V1.

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    I completely agree amoney. Got a few laser alerts and because I didn't have enough time to check which direction, was never sure where the source was. Maybe over time I will get quicker at reading the V1, I've only had it for 3 weeks.

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    Thats the type of thing a LEO should appreciate someone using a detector during. I was on a highway the other day with very thick traffic and suddenly got a Ka alert. Traffic was already well under the PSL so it seemed rather stupid, then I looked way back in my RVM and noticed a LEO with his top lights on trying to fight through the traffic to likely head to an accident or something. No body was seeing him and getting out of his way, I wouldn't have noticed him had it not of been for the alert. I started pulling over kind of at an angle onto the shoulder then everyone else realized what was going on and finally started getting out of his way.

    Your alert may have been better than just a ticket save, it could have been a life save had you of otherwise not of known he was coming up behind you rapidly like that and decided to do an ill timed lane change in front of him.

    See, not only should detectors be legal, they should be required safety equipment in every vehicle just like seat belts and mirrors.



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