...so I'm sailing along southern MN (I-90) doing 76 in a 70. Not terribly fast, but with the desire to *not* be the rabbit kept the speed down. At this point in SW MN I-90's east and west lanes are separated by about 50' of ditch. So I'm looking at the oncoming cars as we cruise and see one coming that looks like a Crown Vic and in a neutral color -unmarked with no lightbar. Not a peep from the V1, so I'm not too worried. It approaches and just about the time we pass each other I notice all the antennas and the nubs up on the top of the dark grey car.

Then the V1 lights up when we are exactly parallel and goes to 7 dots strength, passing the arrows from side to rear. I'm thinking, "the geometry's not right. No way he can clock me from 50' on the side...that doesn't work!"

I look in my rearview mirror as I approach the top of the slight rise in the road (I have already let off the gas so I'm now at about 72mph) and to my mild horror I see brake lights on the LEO, and just as I crest the hill I see him turning into one of those little u turns.

At this point I'm mystified as to how the heck he got a speed on me when I was dead even, but it doesn't matter...I guess I'll find that out when he pulls me over. I continue on for 1/2 mile, waiting for the lights to come over the hill... nothing. that's strange... I go another 1/4 mile or so and sure enough, here comes a LEO lights flashing screaming up the highway...

I prepare to pull over and meekly find out how he did it, when I notice that the LEO screaming up on me is white with a lightbar. Now I'm really confused! I notice that I'm still getting beeps on the Ka radar, but the are fading out... The White LEO screams past and shoots on down the road.

I drive for a little while utterly confused. I find out later from relatives traveling the same direction that the LEO in the grey car was just turning on his radar to set up a speed trap. Everyone else passed by him sitting there gunning at them.

How odd to pass a cop precisely when he turns on his radar, see him turn to the turn around on the highway, and *not* have him chase me down!?!? :shock: And more so to have another cop scream along at the precise time I'm expecting the first one come over the hill?

Not sure if the LEO in the grey car was running a rear radar. My relatives said he was holding a gun of some sort, pointing it at traffic, but I would have guessed that he would have LIDAR and turned his radar off. If he was running LIDAR, then why was the radar on? I was still picking up Ka, and if he didn't have a rear radar running then that would mean the the V1 was picking up a radar facing the other way from 3/4 of a mile away...thats not bad!