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    Default I love this thing!

    Normally I post in the appropriate subforum but I feel that this deals with the V1 ability in particular circumstances.

    2 great experiences, Ka over a hill and K band around the corner.

    The first was on the highway, 70 mph north bound and picked up weak Ka (Ka more responsive on) 2-3 dots, I see a trooper other side of the median coming southbound, but the arrow continues to stay forward, again 2-3 dots and then shortly there after just goes away. So perhaps the rear antenna did not pick it up. But a few moments later its alive again! And increasing in strengh, so now it comes to the point the V1 is pegged and I am looking around (there are good things about Ka more responsive and then there are bad things about having it on). So as I am begining going up a hill I see a BSO officer coming southbound at me. So given the closing speed of both of us 70 mph, over a medium sized hill, not to mention Ka (I wish I knew which, been lazy pulling out the Bel to check tech mode), this was fantastic! Distance was approx 3/4 mile from first alert (blue) and visual contact (red).

    The next encounter was similar, picking up a weak K band, and seeing another BSO traveling towards me but again the arrows did not flip, stayed ahead, so continuing on and getting stronger and fully pegged out I was like WTF where is he. I had reach my turn dissapointed not seeing the officer however guessing he was further ahead in a school zone. So I make my turn and dead in front of me ahead is a SPEED SIGN. I could not believe the distance and the off axis ability of the V1. Approx 1/2 mile.

    I have to admit I caution myself from getting too over confident with the unit, as I know, not all encouters are this fabulous.

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    Awesome encounters amoney, keep up the great work!

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