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    Default A-Mode and programming.

    I know someone here has said that running in A-Mode is like not having programmed the V1 at all. Is this also true of the Ka-Band sensitivity setting? Option 5 I think?

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    LOL! I may have answered myself within my own question I suppose, my justification is that I would think that someone running in A would want higher sensitivity. Unless it jsut superceeds Big and little L's wanting to make it less sensitive.... Arrgh!


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    The Ka band sensitivity setting does not increase the V1's sensitivity at all, it simply makes the alert-ramp up more urgent. Basically: Makes it useless as an effective geiger counter, and makes Ka alerts (especially long ones) annoying.

    Leave the sensitivity feature off. They should just call the darn thing "Ka ramp-up feature" to reduce confusion.



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