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    Default Had a really nice laser detection today

    It wasn't a save, because I was only going 62 in a 60, but I was incredibly impressed. I was in the right lane and this older Celica drives past me in the left lane (I didn't think his speed was too much, but apparently it was) and a little further down the freeway, I get a laser alert on the V1. I wasn't worried, because I wasn't really speeding, but I found it odd that he shot me. Then he started putting his PL3 in his bike and got on it. I felt like **** for a second because this is EXACTLY how I got stopped a month ago. The Celica (just 1-2 car lengths ahead of me) kept going, but started to ease off the gas. The LEO pulls up behind me then moves over behind the Celica and turns his lights on and pulls him over.

    I'm fairly sure that the LEO didn't target me because as soon as I got the alert, he put the gun back and started getting on his bike. I don't know if this would have even been a save if I WAS speeding (because he probably would have shot me), but I was VERY impressed.

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    very nice



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