Today was leg one (500mi) of a total cross country 3k mi road trip.

Picked up an X "false" for over 4miles

Picked up a I/O or possibly C/O but reflected Ka At 2.5mi away

Picked up an oncoming Ka, watched the arrow switch, signal drop then re-peak, and the car behind me get pulled over as the Trooper made a U turn and went after him. (I figured out he turned around and signal form rear growing about 10sec before I heard what he had done over the CB)

And picked up one of these,

At about 3/4 of a mile, in a F150, the guy kept trying to use me as a rabbit, he seemed to miss out on the fact I'd keep slowing down for the intermittent moderate strength Ka alerts, which only got stronger when I was tailgated cause someone was too scared to pass me :x

All in all was a good start, V1 re-earned it's keep (been having lost of those V1 moments of bogeys and arrows helping over the past week) and I'm pretty pleased with the advanced info the new CB setup (Cobra 19 glass mount antenna, regularly ~10mi reception range, staying quiet until I do the SWR) provides (my old CB was a hand held used on an emergency only basis).