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    Default Suggestions on leveling the V1?

    I have my V1 above the RVM. I've owned it long enough to know how to put it back in the holder on the windscreen at it's previous position. But I have not yet tested to find the level position.

    It's very hard to find a level piece of road when I park. At my place, the road is always at a slope. I do have a cool bubble level, but it contains two strong magnets. (Won't the strong magnets harm the V1?). Anyways, here are my two ways to try level my V1.

    1) Use a Bubble Level that contains a rotating bubble tube.
    Need a long straight object that will stretch to both wheels of the car. Then place the bubble level on the long object. Rotate bubble tube until level and pointing to an angle. Then get inside the car and level the bubble tube at the angle, use it to level the V1 but using the bottom plate of the radar detector. Only problem is finding this long object and having magnets close to my V1.

    2) Need a laser pointer. Then somehow measure the height of the V1 with respect to the ground. Then using a stand up object, place in front of car, having the pointer level with the V1, have it shoot a laser beam out the front and hit the object. Mark this location and then measure the height of that point. Do the same for the back end of the car. Then using these three heights, you could level the V1.

    Any ideas. Thanks.

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    You don't have to go that far. There's not much of a difference in performance if it's off by half a degree.

    I mount mine left of my RVM and it is perhaps at a 2-3 degree tilt on the roll axis (due to curvature of windshield). This actually works out quite well since the roads in most cases will usually slope to the right, meaning that your detector will actually be level while driving (but may not be perfectly level when you check with a bubble level).

    Hope that helps.

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    take it easy man. just eye-ball it

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    Quote Originally Posted by polakatl
    take it easy man. just eye-ball it
    x2. Don't drive yourself crazy with leveling. As long as you are not pointing it to the sky, you should be OK.



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