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    Default Amazing V1 Laser Scatter Detection...

    I Really wish I got this one on video... *sigh*

    I was heading up I5 northbound close to Bellingham and my V1 gives a laser alert... I don't see anything as there were cars in front of me.... a few seconds later I notice a WSP was on the right shoulder shooting traffic going away!!! My V1 picked up the laser scatter bouncing off cars ahead of me!

    I wasn't speeding at the time so he didn't hit me with laser... wish he had though my rear zr-3 is still installed on the back plate and it jams the PLIII quite well
    [ ro-n\n ]

    Recently Purchased a New 4 head Laser Jammer as of 4/23
    Sold LPP Dual Head
    Almost Sold Zr-3 (still installing the 2 rear heads)
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    around 6 weeks ago i was on the opposite side of a dual carriageway here and there was a cop in a patrol car hiding up an on ramp rear lasering traffic going away.

    i was practically beside him on the other side when i got a laser alert on my V1.

    he would have to have been shooting well away from my direction to clock the cars on the other side so it had to have been scatter.

    i was amazed at V1s laser detection then more than ever but it has never missed a hit since i got it. amazing detector

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    Default V1 laser scatter detection

    Happened to me a few months ago on the Washington DC beltway. Driving down a three lane highway with a fair amount of traffic around and infront of me. Then suddenly got a laser alert. Looked around to see if there were any Infiniti's (brake lights) or Cadillac's (auto cruise feature) around me when it happened again...another laser alert :!:

    I slowed down and got into the right hand lane. At that point I was able to looked ahead and see one of Maryland's finest shooting laser from the shoulder of the highway :roll: That was amazing.

    Later on that day, I went back to the location when I got that first alert and set the trip odometer By the time I got to where the cop was sitting it was a little less than a mile away!!! That just blew me away!

    Thought I would share 8)

    The V1 rocks man...I luv it




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